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Forgiveness, Confidence Speaker/Coach

Donna Savage, Your New Life Coach

Donna Savage | Life Coach & Intimacy Coach

Where The Journey Began

Donna is a certified intimacy coach & life coach, professional speaker, and founder of Savage Desires. She is on a mission to end the suffering surrounding a woman’s relationship with her own body, because being fully alive and free in our bodies is the foundation for healthy relationships and confidence building with others and self.

Becoming a Confidence Building Coach

Women carry with them painful emotional trauma that prevents them from having the most wonderful sexual relationships with their partners did you know that a number of these women also bury this hurt and emotional trauma within them causing a rippling effect in every area of their life, that causes pain and suffering. I have walked through this same trauma and pain in my early years where I questioned my being my physical being the emotional-spiritual mental being I suffered at the hands of an individual who didn’t make me feel like I was worthy.
Hi my name is Donna savage and if you’re like me you too have experienced some form of trauma and emotional pain, when we’re in a relationship and we’re carrying this type of pain its very difficult for us to love our partner completely or fully it’s difficult because we don’t understand ourselves some of the times and why we shut down and why we shut off our partners they suffer as a result, you see most men don’t often understand the emotional trauma and pain that some women will experience and go through most men will just turn off and tune out or heaven forbid find someone else.

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Developing your Body awareness

This call is for you or for a loved one if you feel stuck and don’t know which way to turn. It’s a 20 Minute discovery call that will provides guidance¬† to see if we are a fit to work together so you can bring closure to the stories you have been telling yourself.

Head Up, Chest Out, and Own Your Sh*t

What's The Book About?

The book is about taking accountability, trusting the process, going deep within, and reflecting on your journey thus far, and in that process of self-actualization you will become the best version of yourself; learning, cultivating and balancing your feminine and masculine energy.

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Whether you have questions regarding the consultation, inquiries about the book, or need help with anything else. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


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