Head up, Chest out, and own your Sh*t

(Boost your sexuality while connecting with self!)

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Mindfulness is the ability to be fully in-tuned with your senses in the present moment. A skill that develops the mind, body and soul.

channeling your sexual energy

Sexual energy can be used to manifest  achievement, creativity, power, and spiritual development.

learning about yourself is the key to knowing yourself

If you don’t like it outside go within, Learning yourself is the key to mastering yourself

importance of silence

Silence as a practice sharpens the mind’s ability to reflect and objectively view situations for what they are.

What's The Book about?

Head-Up, Chest Out, and Own Your Sh*t (Boost your sexuality while connecting with self!)
the book is about taking accountability, trusting the process, going deep within, and reflecting on your journey thus far, and in that process of self-actualization you will become the best version of yourself; learning, cultivating and balancing your feminine and masculine energy.

"The Book That Changed My World View"

This book will have you connect with your inner self. It was worth the purchase. Donna Savage the world needs more (S)heros like you. I am apart of the LGBTQ2I+ and reading and knowing how you got your first mind-blowing orgasm. I know alot of persons in my community have been bashed for using toys. I was happy to hear you a (heterosexual woman) testimony that a toy can take you to a next level of ecstasy. Who feels it knows. Kevin Konsious wish more persons will make the conscious decision to read this book. I guarantee they will not be disappointed.

-Kevin Konsious Davis R.S.S.W.

About The Author

Donna Savage

Donna started the adult pleasure business Savage Desires, to sell adult toys so women could achieve clitoral orgasms. In doing this Donna recognized that achieving clitoral orgasms was not the problem, women are stuck in their thoughts.

Donna speaks to women globally while sharing her message of self love and positive body image. She has succeeded by teaching and coaching through workshops, seminars, one-on-one and group sessions for 12 years.

Readers say

Loved reading every page of this book…such an honest account of the author’s journey of self-acceptance and sexual awareness. It awakens my senses

- deborah

Reading Donna’s book, we get a peak into ourselves. You begin to peel away the layers of oneself as she delves beneath the surface of issues, issues, you don’t want to face, don’t want to admit, but she does – head-on.

- Karen