Loving myself makes it easier to love others.

In every moment, I choose to love myself completely, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. I love myself just as I am.

This is a challenge I may find tricky at first. I may have an instinct to put the needs of others before myself. I make a conscious choice to always put myself first, and to show myself the same love, care, and attention that I do those around me.

There are many ways to love myself, and I embrace them all. I transform the language that I use to discuss my body and my mind. I ensure I address myself in a manner that is positive, uplifting and brings me joy.

I deserve to be spoken to with love and respect.

I choose to surround myself with those who understand my need for self-love. I am part of a tribe that focuses on positive energy, happiness, and living our best lives. These are qualities I embrace in my own life. I am worthy of love.

When I love myself, my love for others blossoms naturally. I am a beacon of love, warmth, and positivity.

Today, I choose to love myself. I see how important this is in helping me be the very best version of myself. I can share the power of this love with those around me when I choose to love myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I choose to consciously love myself every day?

2. What can I do to show myself the love I deserve?

3. What kind of language do I use when describing myself to others?

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