Meet Donna Savage

Donna Savage, the founder of Savage Desires, is a mother, Certified Sensuality, Confidence and NLP Coach, Talk Show Host, International Speaker, and author, her article has been featured in, regular speaking assignment to several abused women shelters, and sexual health organizations.

Donna is a Toronto resident and has been in business for over a decade, she is helping to create space for individuals who want to become a better version of themselves through strategic planning and executions.

My Three Core Focuses

Entertain Your Desires

By being mindful of your thoughts and Desires

Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy is our life force, understanding how to use Sexual energy, miracles will start happening.

Spread The Word

The vision is to liberate the conversation about sex, pleasure and self-confidence primarily in women.

"How Did You Begin Your Journey?"

After 19 years of marriage, Donna realized that she spent years without experiencing an orgasm and understanding self-love.

Donna started the adult pleasure business Savage Desires, to sell adult toys so women could achieve clitoral orgasms. In doing this Donna recognized that achieving clitoral orgasms was not the problem, women are stuck in their thoughts.

Donna speaks to women globally while sharing her message of self-love and positive body image. She has succeeded by teaching and coaching through workshops, seminars, one-on-one, and group sessions for over 15 years.

Donna Savage | Life Coach & Intimacy Coach